We assist executive management and owners in building successful businesses and reaching their firm’s full potential. Our core strength is to help in understanding market and operating environments, making and implementing strategic decisions, improving corporate and organizational performance, executing transactions and integrating acquired businesses.


How can we help you?

We specialize in resolving the most demanding business issues, assisting you in making the most challenging decisions, and securing their execution to completion. Our approach is strongly strategy oriented and combines analytical and senior management / board perspectives in everything we do


Our customer promise

We recognize that earning our customers’ trust when advising in the most critical business issues requires first-class performance. Simultaneously, we want to deflect our customers from unnecessary costs by cooperating effectively and focusing our work on what is truly essential


Uncompromising quality: Our quality adheres to industry best practices and the highest industry standards

Flexibility and concentration: We tailor our services to the needs of our customers and concentrate on the essentials while avoiding generic solutions and non-value adding work

Specific outcomes: Our actionable solutions lead to results – in implementation, we assist our customers in achieving even the most challenging objectives

Likeable collaborator: Our communicative culture and responsible people lead to effective collaboration, which also contributes to the accumulation of information and understanding in the client organization

How we succeed

The four key pillars, upon which our services are founded, ensure the fulfillment of our ambitious customer promise. From the beginning, we have worked relentlessly to develop these pillars in collaboration with Spring people and our customers

It all starts from the people and culture

We only hire motivated, learning-oriented individuals who are genuinely interested in management consulting and committed to growing with us. Our culture that supports internal motivation and well-being makes us an attractive employer and ensures we fulfill our high-quality standards to our customers in each and every engagement

Competences developed to meet the needs of executive management

We have systematically built a comprehensive set of expertise in strategy, operational development, M&A, analytics, and modeling. Because our consultants are not siloed, we can compile the best know-how needed for each specific assignment

Expertise accumulates

During Spring Advisor’s years of operation, we have completed well over 100 projects for Finland’s leading and global listed and private companies, investors, and public institutions. Each project expands our expertise since we systematically gather customer feedback, run an extensive internal feedback process after each project and share critical lessons learnt internally

Company level support guarantees our consultants’ performance

Spring’s standard and shared tools and operating models are constantly developed to ensure high-quality results for the customer regardless of the team composition from Spring’s side. Our projects are always tailored to the customer needs and we apply our extensive experience to our day-to-day work for example through our standardized quality assurance principles

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