A comprehensive strategy update with collaboration

Aleksi Pesonen


An IT growth company’s business had historically developed as expected, and it was now time to take the next step band go through an overall strategy update. The goal was to further incorporate changing industry trends and customer expectations in the company strategy. The new plan also sought to answer the following questions: how the company can secure and improve relevance in customer interactions, how the company’s offering and processes should be developed, how the personnel’s continuous development and learning is ensured, and which organizational structures should support growth goals.


The project was carried out in close collaboration between the customer and Spring. The client brought its team to the project, and Spring brought its own – these merged to form a single project team. Spring organized and structured the project, and both actively conducted various analyses. Spring’s strength, our people-oriented culture, was key to reaching impactful decisions that were implementable straight away.

The strategy project was built around four distinct stages:

1. Current situation examination: How the company arrived at this point, what its key capabilities are, and how it is perceived both internally and externally.

2. Market research: A clear picture of the market’s current state its future development.

3. Strategic options; Based on the analysis, focus areas were identified. These considered market opportunities and the customer’s existing resources and capabilities.

4. Strategy execution plan: A plan was created to ensure the new strategy was effectively implemented throughout the organization


The strategy work was completed, and the client has begun implementing the strategy within their organization. Spring will continue to assist in this process as needed by analyzing the strategy’s relevance to the company’s operations and market developments.