In Spring, we move

We are advisors to corporate executives and business owners. We serve our clients in building successful businesses and reaching their full potential.

Employee recruitment

Steps in the application process

Get in touch

Contact Aleksi by phone or text message. Let’s briefly go over your background and why you want to work at Spring before deciding on what to do next.

Let’s meet up

You will meet some of our team members at the office or over lunch. We will discuss mutual expectations of working at Spring in greater detail, as well as your previous experience and potential role at Spring.

Get to know the team

You will meet several Spring people at the office, with whom you will present your skills and abilities, possibly with the help of case exercises.

Welcome to Spring

If both yourself and Spring are confident you are the right addition to our team, you will be approached with an offer to join the company as a permanent consultant.


We provide high-quality advice to the executive management and owners on the most challenging strategic and financial issues. We assist in making and implementing strategic decisions, improving operational and financial performance, and completing M&A processes and transactions

Career at Spring

From strategy experts to M&A professionals and promising interns, Spring offers meaningful career paths to a versatile group of professionals

Team and culture

Our team comprises talented individuals who are passionate about management consulting and eager to grow and develop with us. Our culture that supports internal motivation and well-being makes us an attractive employer and ensures we meet our high quality standards in each and every engagement

” In winter, I plot a plan. In spring, I move.

Henry Rollins