Straightforward M&A process

Olli Kaukonen


Finnish industrial insulation and scaffolding group, Saimaa Group, has grown strongly in recent years in accordance with its strategy. The group has identified acquisitions as an effective way to grow in a previously highly fragmented market.


Saimaa Group acquired the Pept Oy Ab -group, which operates e.g., in Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Sweden. The acquisition offers Saimaa Group an immediate opportunity to expand and develop its service offering throughout the Saimaa Group companies in both Finland and Sweden.

Spring Advisor acted as Saimaa Group’s financial advisor, including financial and commercial due diligence reviews, which assessed the profitability and financial condition of the business, its future potential and suitability from Saimaa Group’s perspective.

Spring Advisor managed the project and supported Saimaa Group in all stages of the acquisition process and in arranging the financing of the acquisition.


With a straightforward M&A process, Saimaa Group is implementing its group strategy excellently by continuing its strong growth in Finland and expanding its operations to Sweden.

Spring has supported the Saimaa Group in all of its five acquisitions over the past 4 years. Through these acquisitions and organic growth, the group has profitably increased its revenues from just under €15 million to approximately €100 million. Saimaa Group is Finland’s largest industrial insulation and scaffolding group.

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