Five years of Spring

Ville Sailas

The year 2022 marks the five-year anniversary of Spring Advisor. The memorandum of association was signed on February 27, 2017, and about two weeks later Spring Advisor Oy was officially registered in the Trade Register. In addition to celebratory events, this important milestone gives me the opportunity to briefly glance in the rear-view mirror and, more importantly, have a look in the crystal ball.

When Spring was founded five years ago, had our four founders already some 50 years of total advisory experience and consulting track record. And today that figure is 70 years, excluding of course a dozen of our dear colleagues who have joined Spring during the journey to date.

Spring has grown and established itself rapidly from a few persons’ start-up to a trusted and recognized firm in the demanding advisory service battlefield of corporations and owners. Based on my experience I dare to insist that this happens rarely in our industry. Why have we succeeded?

I recognize three reasons. First off, experience – it’s a prerequisite in our industry, and we have had (at least sufficiently enough of) it. But it’s not enough. There must be hunger and grit to thrive. Will and passion to become, not good, but the best. And thirdly, a clear plan. Systematic development of our competence and work, step by step.

Now, what do these three factors bring about? Quality. And quality is something that we at Spring have believed in right from the start. By staying faithful to high-quality analysis, work, and conclusions, we can truly help our clients to make better decisions and accomplish better results in their business. When we founded Spring, our mission was to bring high-quality advisory services available to a larger clientele than before.

This has not been an easy mission, and our progress has required tremendous effort. Nonetheless, when we now have a look for example at our impressive client register, customer feedback, or our rate of returning customers, we can say that we have been successful and are well on our way towards our mission. In just five short years we have positioned ourselves as a credible partner for big and small leading companies and business owners. We are recognized for our expertise, hard work, results, high service level, and commitment.

However, our journey is a marathon, not a race, and we have a lot to do and accomplish. Our future look bright. Why? Because our firm’s foundation is so solid: our mission, culture, the way we work, our plans, our people, and our commitment to clients. No doubt that our growth will continue.

To all our employees, customers, partners, families, and friends – I thank you for your relentless commitment and support. It has been indispensable. I’m optimistic about the future and hope you are too; despite all the global turbulence we’ve faced in the past two years. I’m confident that the next five years will be even more exciting than the last five and that Spring will prevail. How, the time will tell!