Olli Kaukonen – Versatile professional

Olli Kaukonen

I joined Spring Advisor in late 2020, after having worked for almost five years at Sisu Partners, primarily in M&A. During my time at Aalto University’s finance studies and internships, I became interested in corporate finance mainly because I was able to apply my analytical and numerical skills to exciting projects. I had heard of Spring and the company’s practices from a couple of my friends, which increased my interest in changing jobs and directly contacting Spring.

At Spring, I was particularly intrigued by the opportunity to broaden my consulting expertise, allowing me to help clients in a more complete fashion. The dynamic and enthusiastic team, as well as a desire to change the industry, persuaded me to make an unusual career transition from one consulting firm to another after only a few years.

There was much discussion in advance about the “Spring way,” which has been strongly reflected in everyday work, both in respect to quality work and thought-out processes as well internal company development. The investment banking and consulting industries are frequently perceived as cramped and consuming their employees, but it has been wonderful to see how much attention is set to the workplace culture at Spring, which can be seen in, e.g., open communication and low hierarchy and a flexible way to work and develop on one’s interests. In addition to work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends because work does not consume all of my time and energy.

This field of work and Spring as a company suit me since I enjoy working as part of a smaller team and solving problems factually and analytically from multiple perspectives. In addition, the work community is full of brilliant colleagues. My brief Spring career has allowed me to learn from them in strategy projects and reciprocally share my practices and lessons learned in corporate finance engagements. One’s expertise is constantly growing at Spring, because the team is highly motivated, and Spring’s way of working includes continually gathering feedback from both customers and employees, creating a solid foundation for the company and individual development, while adopting best practices. Spring is still a young and growing organization, and I’m looking forward to developing both my own professional skills as well as Spring as a company in an inspiring environment.