Miikka Autio

Professional profile

Miikka is a crucial element of Spring’s team as a founding member and multi-skilled professional. Miika is in charge of project management in a variety of consulting areas, he has especially broad experience in the energy business.

Miikka’s focus at Spring has been on financial and operational consulting, project management, and organization with a unique expertise in financial modelling. Indeed, Miikka is regarded as the modeling guru of Spring.

Miikka is a creative professional that comes up with unique solutions to various business challenges. He models and manages projects quickly and accurately, especially under pressure, his expertise varies from valuations to sophisticated organizational optimization tools.


Miikka’s competitiveness and drive to grow characterize him both on and off the golf course. He wishes to bring to work a sporting culture in which the value of his abilities is easily quantifiable. Mika is inspired by new challenges and is driven to exceed his own and her clients’ expectations.

His approach to work is innovative, tinted by a strong personal view of current situations. The goal is to provide unique solutions to typical business problems that allow for positive distinction in the marketplace.

Miikka values a comrade-minded universe of thinking, which encourages parties to an honest and open atmosphere among colleagues and consumers.


Previously, Miikka worked in management consulting and corporate finance at NAG, Gaia Consulting, and PwC Corporate Finance.

Miikka holds an M.Sc. (Energy Technology) from Aalto University.