Lari Stark

Professional background

Lari is one of the co-founders of Spring and a strategy expert. He has been described as a strategic musician who thinks of strategy as a lovely jazz melody. Strategy work, in his imagination, is like the teamwork of a professional band when the piano and drums perform flawlessly together.

Lari works as a project manager and an expert in strategic and problem-solving initiatives at Spring. In addition, he is responsible for the development of Spring’s tools, procedures, and quality. A low workplace hierarchy and a robust company culture are crucial values for Lari at Spring.


Lari has an analytical approach to almost everything in his work. Being a musician, Lari’s thinking, and actions are a fruit of his creativity, which he employs to develop truly meaningful solution for his clients. His focus is always on the future, and he wants to see activity go in the proper direction, towards goals and objectives.

Lari is inspired by the meaningful solutions created for clients at Spring, a work enabled by the people-centered culture.


Lari has worked in corporate finance and strategy roles at Danske Bank, KPMG, and NAG over the past seven years. Lari has also gained experience in international operations through his work at Fraunhofer in Germany and Philips in the Netherlands.

Lari has a Master of Science in Engineering (Acoustics and Sound Technology) from Aalto University, a Bachelor of Music from the Sibelius Academy, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Aalto University (Finance).