Joel Heinikoski

Professional profile

Joel joined Spring’s team in June 2019 and has brought expertise, e.g., in the areas of market analysis and financial modelling. He excels at solving quantitative challenges and analysing financial questions, while aiming at bold, but fact-based decision making in his advisory.

With his analytical and thorough mindset, he represents a multi-expert at Spring who has experience from many M&A and strategy as well as operational and financial modelling engagements. He has been involved in projects, e.g., in energy, machinery, and private equity sectors, and has gained strong and broad experience especially in the energy industry across Spring’s service areas.

Joel has previously worked in a multicultural working environment, which has helped him recognise and adapt various approaches to leadership and performance. Through this experience, Joel can comprehend customers’ unique characteristics to build and present solutions that are ideal for them.


Joel’s work is driven by ambition and numbers. The ambition and goal orientation instilled into Joel by his athletic background drive the will to seek for the best solution to customers’ needs, just as he did on the basketball court to achieve team’s goals. He is known as a “numbers guy”, and his motivation is to provide data-driven solutions to guide decision making.

Joel’s energy at work is induced by Spring’s working culture and environment as well as working in the customer interface. People and community important to Joel in and outside of work, and open and fruitful communication propels Joel ahead in his career. Working environment and culture also brought Joel to Spring, where he values genuine opportunity develop himself, others, and the company.


Previously Joel worked at Deloitte in Strategy & Operations Consulting, where he focused on market research and supply chain engagements. Prior that he worked at Relex in Helsinki and Atlanta, USA, on supply chain management solution implementations and pre-sales analysis.

Joel holds a M.Sc. (Tech, Industrial Engineering and Management) from Aalto University.