Aapo Mäntyvaara

Professional profile

Aapo joined Spring in January 2023, bringing his industry expertise in wind power, along with his previous experience in management consulting.

Fascinated by competitive dynamics, Aapo excels in understanding the interplay between individual companies, their competitors, and the macroeconomy.

With external factors, such as ever-changing economic cycles and their varied impacts on different business sectors, the competitive landscapes of companies are in a constant state of evolution. Aapo believes that only by comprehending their environment can a company effectively create and implement its strategy.


Just as in business, Aapo believes in the importance of focusing on the aspects of life that are within one’s control, while remaining mindful of the environment. He has a passion for a wide range of sports, from his younger days of ski jumping and Finnish baseball to his current interests in hiking and weight training. However, when it comes to golf, he is still a bit of an underdog in the office.

Aapo finds that personal growth is most profound when faced with challenges as part of a team. Consequently, he eagerly looks forward to engaging in demanding projects, which is precisely why Spring’s tailored approach to its projects resonates so strongly with him.


Prior to joining Spring, Aapo amassed experience in management consulting, wind power, and finance.

Aapo holds a master’s degree in economics from Aalto University, with minors in quantitative research methods, finance, and accounting.