Oona Aaltonen


+358 50 491 2589

Professional profile

Oona joined the Spring team in April 2022, bringing extensive and excellent consulting experience. The financial accounting, as well as taxation questions, are Oona’s strengths. Her experience in accounting, particularly IFRS standards, is significant. She is able to integrate her unique knowledge with high-quality project work in solution-oriented approaches because of her solid consulting experience.

Oona has a vast educational background that includes both business and law studies. She was able to further her studies by working in various taxation and financial accounting professions. She adds a new level of versatility to Spring’s repertoire and an eager desire to learn more. Oona’s extensive experience in consulting allows her to think of solutions from the client’s perspective and identify useful and relevant solutions for the client.


Oona is known for her constant progress and disintegration in the face of adversity. Whether it’s business, golf, or tennis, the drive for growth is unrivaled. Recognizing her own potential for development and learning from both clients and experienced colleagues will propel her forward. Oona places a high value on mental growth and development. According to Oona, the ability to be merciful to yourself is a valuable asset.

People, teamwork, and cooperation that color the job excites Oona and motivates her to produce high-quality results. On these fundamental pillars, she constructs both free time and work.


Oona has previously worked at EY for several years in taxation and financial accounting advisory services. She has also mapped experience in the metal industry at Cargotec, where she also worked in taxation.

Oona holds a Master of Science in Economics from the Turku School of Economics with a major in accounting and finance. In addition, she is currently completing a master’s degree in international business law at the University of Helsinki.