Ville Sailas

Ville has nearly 20 years of advisory experience. He has advised domestic and international clients in strategic and operational matters and played a key role in a number of successful public and private M&A transactions with deal values ranging from €1m to more than €1bn. Prior to co-founding Spring Advisor, Ville was responsible for heading another consulting firm’s strategy and transaction engagements for 10 years as partner. Before that Ville worked as financial analyst and associate for five years and has also some banking/finance background.


Ville is specialised in advising clients in the crossroads of shareholder value, strategy/operations, M&A and corporate finance. Over the years Ville has advised owners, board members, executives and investment professionals whose backgrounds vary from family-owned businesses to large public corporations, from early stage investors to large buyout funds and from startups to cities, municipalities and the government.


Ville holds an M.Sc. (Finance) from the Helsinki School of Economics (currently Aalto University). He has also studied company and securities law to complement his professional skills.


Spring Advisor Oy, Sähkötalo, Kampinkuja 2, FIN-00100 Helsinki