Mikko Ilmonen


+358 50 5189 244

Professional profile

Mikko is a valuable addition to the Spring Advisor team. Mikko’s strength is his analytical skills, which enables him to detect connections within the business environment. His honed communication skills make him an interactive consultant, both with clients and his own team.

Mikko has become a versatile professional through his studies, work experience, and hobbies. He brings a wide range of expertise to Spring, focusing especially on strategy and operations-related projects. In addition, he has a clear owner-centered perspective which helps him identify impactful and value-creating solutions. Thanks to his perspective he recognizes what is truly important and relevant to the client.

Facing intellectual challenges and solving them together with the team is the source of inspiration for Mikko.  Seeking diversity both in terms of professional endeavours as well as through hobbies is a characteristic of Mikko.


Mikko sees life as an ongoing process where one never stops learning. For Mikko this means a philosophy of allocating resources prudently towards where they are best used. The key to long-term development, both at work and in life, is to build a strong foundation. This foundation makes it possible to successfully venture outside one’s comfort zone. In addition, the people with whom the development journey is made are crucial, too. Thus, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere is vital both in internal as well as client work.


Mikko previously worked at Spring as an intern in 2019. Furthermore, he has completed internships in corporate finance, asset management, data analysis, and private equity. Mikko has also experience from working in equity research at RBC Capital Markets in London. Most recently, Mikko worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

Mikko holds a master’s degree in finance from Aalto University.