Aleksi Pesonen

+358 40 7040 865

Professional profile

Aleksi was the first recruit of Spring, a part of the team since the very beginning. Aleksi plays a critical role at Spring, which shows in his considerable project management experience and his leadership in internal development projects.

He started at Spring as an unrivaled analyst and quickly grew into an outstanding specialist in project management and consulting. Aleksi has directed strategic, financial, and operational projects while also developing Spring’s most essential competitive advantage, its culture.
Aleksi’s work and interests revolve around strategy projects, and his strength comes in balancing vital strategic decisions with successful implementation in an agile manner. He is a highly analytical, ambitious, and competitive individual who excelled in football before more recently conquering padel and golf. Every task is completed rigorously, but Aleksi likes to add just that little extra – the small details making all the difference. He views problems as a great chance to grow and exceed client expectations in each assignment.


Aleksi is in charge of shaping Spring’s culture and staff, and these two factors heavily influence his worldview. He strives for a conversational culture that is constructive, open, and sympathetic, both within his team and with his clients, as this always helps to get reach better outcomes. Aleksi’s early consulting career was propelled ahead by the continued support. He wants to provide the same opportunity to his present and future colleagues.


Aleksi previously worked at NAG on strategy and M&A projects, as well as in an international software firm.

Aleksi has a Master of Business Administration in Information and Service Management from Aalto University