Mikko Ilmonen returns to Spring

Emma Villeneuve

Spring’s diverse team was further strengthened when Mikko Ilmonen returned to Spring. As a versatile professional, Mikko brings much to the team.

After a break of more than two years, Mikko is excited to return to Spring, a company that has taken steps forward in his view. “Really feeling good about returning, I must say. I’m excited to work together and spend time with both old and new Spring people. I particularly missed the hilarious lunch sessions. It is interesting to notice how some things have changed in a couple of years while others have remained completely the same. The size of the team has grown, and operations have become more structured. On the other hand, everyone still has that same old twinkle-in-the-eye attitude.” says Mikko.

In addition to consulting, Mikko has also gained experience from private equity, equity research and data analytics. Prior to his return Mikko worked at McKinsey & Company. Today, Mikko sees his skill set as diverse: “Although specialization is often the key to success in the business world, I feel that I am relatively well-rounded. Particular strengths probably relate to conducting financial analysis as well as being able to look at things through the owner’s lens.”

Diverse development opportunities and ownership of the firm’s progress eventually brought Mikko back to Spring: “I was especially attracted by the familiar and friendly team and the opportunity to build a company that looks like myself since Spring is still a relatively young organization. In addition to customer projects, Spring does a lot of continuous internal development of the firm itself. In this area you can have quite a big role if you want to. I experienced this sense of ownership already during my internship back in 2019.”

Spring’s entire team would like to warmly welcome Mikko back!